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SSAT & ISEE Vocabulary 1-3 (Pocketbooks)


SSAT & ISEE Vocabulary 1-3 (Pocketbooks)


Ivy Global's vocabulary pocketbook set is the most comprehensive and targeted guide for the SSAT and ISEE vocabulary. The pocketbooks include:

  • Common words that are included in both the ISEE and SSAT.
  • Concise definitions along with clear example sentences
  • Includes easy, medium and advanced words.
  • Flip-through format so student's can easily test their knowledge.
  • Students can write their own examples and definitions in the books.

SSAT Vocabulary 1-3 (Pocketbooks) includes 3 pocketbooks containing a total of 365 vocabulary words:

  • Essential - Words 1 to 125 (SSAT & ISEE Vocabulary 1 Pocketbook)
  • Extended - Words 126 to 250 (SSAT & ISEE Vocabulary 2 Pocketbook)
  • Advanced - Words 251 to 365 (SSAT & ISEE Vocabulary 3 Pocketbook)



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