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Do you have books for every level of the test?

The SSAT English, Math, and Practice books contain content suitable for both the Middle and Upper Level exams. Content exclusively for the Upper Level is labeled as such. Middle Level students should work through all of the material except any content marked “Upper Level.” Upper Level students should review all of the basic material before looking at the “Upper Level” content.

Do you have answer explanations for all of the questions?

We do not provide answer explanations for our SSAT books. If you have questions about any of the problems in the book, please e-mail us at and we’ll be happy to help.

Are the free online exams included in the Practice Book?

The free practice tests on our website are not included in the books. If you’ve already taken the free practice test, SSAT Practice contains two different exams for each level that you can use to practice.

How are the older editions of this book from the new ones?

Any major changes between editions of the books are described in the errata for each edition.

How do I access the online materials?

The website gives directions for finding the password in the book. If you have any trouble finding the password, please write to us at with your purchase information and we will be happy to provide you with the password.